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Samsung Galaxy S4 - S IV - i9500
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SAMSUNG S Duos - S7562 - Dual Sim - Android
Price :-
590 AED (161 US$)

The Galaxy S DUOS is Samsung latest high-end device at this time.
The market for Dual SIM cards devices is very important, we know that through the information that we have.Samsung wants to have in each segment a DUOS device.
This year Samsung wanted to give the DUAL segment an extra boost with the Galaxy S DUOS.
SamMobile got the opportunity from Samsung to test this device extensively.

As you can see the Galaxy S DUOS looks a lot like recently launched the Galaxy S III Mini.
The only difference is that the Galaxy S DUOS is not as round as the Galaxy S III Mini.
The design of the Galaxy S DUOS is quite nice, we are quite bored of standard design from Samsung. We hope that Samsung in 2013 will take a whole other approach designwise.
The device is made entirely from plastic(like expected), but this device lies good in the hand.
This is probably because Samsung did not opt for a glossy slippery back but is has a matt finish.
The Galaxy S DUOS uses a 4Ē LCD screen so no AMOLED screen. Also, the device has the usual sensors and a 5 megapixel camera without autofocus on the back.
The Galaxy S DUOS runs on Android 4.0.4 but will be updated to Android 4.1 later this year.
The processor of the Galaxy S DUOS is a 1GHZ dual core. This device got the Touchwiz poured over it and runs it very nicely due the dual core processor.


The interface of the Galaxy S DUOS resembles that of the Galaxy S III.
Both devices use the same UI called Touchwiz Nature UX. Unfortunately, this device uses no special effects,like the water effect on the unlock the screen.
However, the interface, the menu and home screen looks much alike.
The device scrolls smoothly through the menuís just here and there a little lag, but this will be resolved with software updates.
As the name suggests, the Galaxy S DUOS supports two SIM cards in one phone.
Samsung has managed to optimize this option, so you can select that 1 or 2 cards will be active. Or 1 for data and the other only for making phone calls.
Both options are also possible, however you must remember that both SIM cards have their own PIN. So you have to remember that.
Funny thing is , when you change between the Sim cards to change some settings the wallpaper changes with it. This helps you to keep a good overview of which SIM card your using.
Also you immediately change from the network. The last point about the Galaxy DUOS is also nice to know, if you want to call someone, you have to select which SIM card you will be using to make that call. See below a video about some features of the device.


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