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Home > Mobile Phones > Sell Your Used Phones

Did you know that you can sell used cell phones for money? Here at Dubai Mobiles, we actually pay people for their old cellular phones that are just sitting around their home collecting dust. If you have a cellular phone, you probably have a few old ones sitting around your house. Chances are that they would still work, and you have just upgraded over time, right? We specialize in taking old mobile telephones so they are disposed of properly and you can free your home of clutter. You might be surprised at just how many cellular phones you have lying around the house, and how much money we can pay you for them!

When you sell cell phone units and accessories to us, it is very simple to get a few extra bucks in your pocket. We ask that you include the charger for each telephone, because if it works someone else can still use the item. All you have to do to start the process of selling us your telephone is tell us who made the phone, or what brand of phone it is, such as Motorola. Next, you need to visit our branch in Deira or any of our employees will come and collect the phone from you in Dubai. Alternatively you can courier the phone to us and we send the payment within the next 3 working days.

If you are ready to sell cell phones, what are you waiting for? Are you worried because you arenít sure if your units still work? Donít worry -- we will take your broken units as well. The reason that we take these is we want to ensure that they are disposed of properly. Not only is purchasing your old cellular telephones our business, we are also in the business of protecting the environment. The way we do this is by not simply throwing your units into the trash, but disposing of them, including the battery, in a safe way.

If you are excited about the opportunity to sell used cell phones, why not get started right now. Just contact us to get started. You may have seen other offers in the past, but when you go through Dubai Mobiles, we can provide you with the most money for each of your units.


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